Writer's Block: What's been seen can’t be unseen

What is your LEAST favorite movie of all time, and why?

Probably Twilight. Now i'm not just saying that because i'm just like every other loser hater of twilight (no offense to you non-loser haters of twilight) but because the movie was just plain terrible. I had recorded it on my DVR because i wanted to see it to find out if it was as bad as everyone said. it was... I've read the book, and they didn't even get the order of the events right. That plus the fact that the only good actor was the main character's dad, lets just say, worst movie ever. Dont see it. I had to watch it in 20 minute parts because i got to bored to finish it in one sitting. It was just too bad.

Sims 3 Lausell Legacy

 I have decided that i am going to begin a Sims 3 legacy! It's titled the Lausell Legacy and it begins with a young girl named Kali Lausell.

I will be using the sims 3 legacy challenge, but i most likely will not be following all the rules of the challenge and will not be counting points, but i will be using it as a guideline. If you would like to see the rules of the legacy, they are shown here: www.squidoo.com/legacy-challenge
I apologize in advance for not being very consistent when i will post chapters.
I'd also like to know if you are reading and you like what you see, Please Comment!
I plan to start soon so thanks for reading! :D
Have you written a legacy? Post a link below, I'd LOVE to read it ;D


 Hi, so i'm new here. I'm debating on what i'm going to do with my new livejournal. I may make a sims 3 legacy, or just post random things. Probably both. I'm not expecting many people to read these, but if you do, THANKS! For anything i create on here, comments are adored. Anyway, i'm going to go explore a bit more. Thanks for reading.
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