Nightly Journaling: Clay and Change

 The first thing i want to point out is that i changed my background and my userpic! :D I get bored easily, so i'll change my background periodically, anyway, moving on...

             The second, besides the fact that this will be a short entry since its so late (I watched a movie until 12:30 tonight), is about Polymer clay again. I was thinking that obviously i should start posting pictures and such to get more critique on it, but i was also thinking of putting myself to a challenge. That challenge involves a huge list of tutorials that i discovered online and the task of me trying every single one of them (besides the extras teaching you how to use TLS, which is translucent liquid sculpey, look it up) So i thought i might do that and make this Journal a bit more interesting, so maybe, on top of Nightly Journaling of course, i would begin new entries for my clay. Anyone like the idea?

             One more thing to add is that my best friend Niamh (pronounced neeve btw) (whom now has a livejournal.... i mentioned her before) and I have been writing stories for quite awhile now and together we have been working on a novel, and of course shes dying to post it... I'm a bit hesitant tho, i'd like to wait and decide whether were going to try to publish it on the Nook online thing (you can publish any story you want and set a price and then sell it as an eBook and you get 70% of the profit) so posting it here would be like giving it away free... And the debate goes on, but while were deciding, i think i'll start posting a couple stories myself, One being a story ive been working on for awhile, though its just for fun. It's about a girl whos boyfriend moves away without a word to her and they break up badly and she becomes slightly depressed as she graduates and moves to the city to try to start a new life. Yes, i know it sound horribly BORING, but its actually pretty interesting just so long as you like romance. ;D
                Another story i have is actually a horror story that i wrote on a whim thats based after a song/music video, if you want to read that, just let me know! I'd love to know if you want to read any of my stuff or see my art. I'll post a few pics of my polymer clay work as well. So i'm taking suggestions as to what i should write about in the near future, please comment!
                   One last tiny thing, my best friend mentioned above has started a livejournal and since shes advertising mine, i might as well return the favor. Since no one can read, write, let alone pronounce her insane (yet quite creative but sort of obsessive, you'll see if you read her entries) user name, ill just give you a link:
             AnYwAy, that looks like that just about covers everything, feel free to continue being awesome.
             This is Newo (or Madi) signing off!

Nightly Journaling: LiveJournal Fail (again) and Writer's Block (again)

So i'm going to say this, this journal was supposed to be posted a few days ago, but once again, STUPID Lifejournal has failed me and instead of posting this, it saved it and i was unaware of that until now, so there shall be 2 journals posted today :D Without further ado, i give you my nightly journaling that was supposed to be posted a few days ago >:( 

I swear, i get writers block in EVERYTHING. From my stories, to poems, to my LiveJournal entries. So i was looking online for solutions to my mid-story crisis (having writers block in the middle of my writing) and so the only stuff that came up was solutions for finding something to write about, that i should get up and go for a walk or something, or hypnosis. Yes, you read that right, they were suggesting hypnosis, but not just suggesting it, they were SELLING it. They were selling hypnosis in CD and book sets. So yes, i had no luck there, the only other idea i noticed was to write stuff down. Just write down whatever you are thinking about, so i decided that's what i will do on my LIveJournal, although that's exactly what ive been doing this whole time, so whatever. If i wrote down what i was thinking about, Livejournal would probably explode. Theres just too much going on up there, but i'll give it a shot.

         The first few things i was thinking about include the following. First, am i the only one it bothers that the TAB button doesnt work in these entries? Its just been bugging me. Second, theres a small cut on my face that stings >.<, Third, there was a slutty girl at Imos today whos shorts were shorter than her underwear and i could see it hanging out past her shorts. EWWW... I was sort of annoyed by that. Fifth, so for the summer i've been taking a class at Kruegers pottery shop teaching me out to make some stuff out of clay. Now i went into this class expecting to be going into a class filled with teens my age, but my parental figure failed to point out that the class was 15+ not 15-18, which is what i thought it was and i didn't learn it wasn't until the day of, and obviously then it was to late. So now, every tuesday morning for six weeks, i have to get up and build clay stuff with women who are all 30 years (more or less) older than me. 

        Sixth, so my brother and my dad and a bunch of my brothers friends are going on a road trip to branson this week (if you don't know what it is and live in the U.S., look it up) which is pretty much a less expensive vacation spot thats good for families and such, and is still a ways away, so theyre going to be gone for the weekend, leaving me with my mom and my dog, so i asked if i could have a bunch of my friends over for like a girls weekend sort of thing, but nooo, she says i should just have one person over, which sort of stinks. And i cant really get my dad into it, since hes always for it if im spending time with other people. I think he knows i'm not very much of a social person, so hes always trying to get me out of the house and be social and such, but since hes leaving, i cant really get him on my side for this weekend, so i'm a bit at a loss. Wow, six was quite long, and i'm going to stop with seventh, since i have more, but i dont feel like writing it, anyway.

           Seventh, today i went with my bro and his girlfriend to a few art stores and then get some dinner, but like i shouldve expected, they started arguing like they were married again then his girlfriend (who is awesome when shes just hanging out with me or other GIRLS, but when shes with my bro, shes super pissy and a little annoying sometimes >.<) got all angry and sad or something for no reason. I think she was yelling about how she wanted a smoothie and wouldnt stop, which bugged me because it annoyed the heck out of me and she was acting like she was 5... Now i have nothing against her, but i have something against hanging out with her and my bro, cuz shes really cool when theyre not both together. Does this make sense? Anyway, it can get pretty annoying, but i did get a new sketchbook that fits in my purse, so i guess the day wasn't a total waste.

         So i'm going to finish up there, hope someone actually read this entry! 

          This is Newo (or Madi) signing off! (Itd better post this time!!!!)

Nightly Journaling: Sorry!!

 Augh! I'm sorry i'm such a terrible person! I wanted to write! I really did... But i guess that's a bit of a lie, because each night i did think about  writing, but all i wanted to do is work on my story, which is coming along nicely :D sort of, it'd be better if the plot wasn't so cheesy, but whatever, its mainly for fun anyway. So the main reason i didn't write was because (well, partly because i was lazy) because i knew that if i did try to write, all the entries would be about a paragraph long and that would be no fun! In my defense, last night i was at a friend's house, but i did have available internet, so once again, i'm to blame...

             Anyway, onto a different topic, i was thinking about adding in some sort of fun picture or at least something to make these a bit more interesting, because as i read over my entries, i notice that they're pretty BORING. My bad, I've been trying, but its hard to make my life seem interesting, so now it seems that LiveJournal has become one of those things where i talk about something you could do when you're bored (vat19, Sims, doodleGod, etc.), i talk about how i'm pathetic and lonely, and i write about my mostly uneventful day. It occured to me that i need NEED to do something with my Journal before i loose all my readers that i don't have! Oh no, i must hurry and make my life interesting!

            I'll work more on the interesting thing later, as for now, today i decided to start over on this manga i had wanted to read that's all about Dogs! It's called Inubaka, and if you like manga and cute and shojo and doggies, then i definitely suggest it. Speaking of Inubaka, i reaaaalllly want to read it right now, so I'm so sorry! I'm gonna sign off already! I missed those first 2 days where i was so excited about this. I'm working on it...
            Anyway, this is Newo (or Madi) signing off!!

Nightly Journaling: Short and Sweet

 So i'm going to make this entry short for a few reasons, one, i'm sorta tired, so i want to spend a little time on my story then go to bed sooner and I'm also feeling a bit crazy right now so i don't want to start ranting or rambling.

        But i'll just go ahead and say a bit. For one, today was AWESOME. I went to my good friend megan's house for her graduation party (which RoCKED) but then i had to leave early which was sad. Luckily i was going home to my own party with my family (yay!). I got both Okami Den for DS and Sims 3 Medieval!! I'm so excited about it! (It was a bday party, just fyi). then we were going to see fireworks, but it got rained out :( even though it stopped raining... oh well, its rescheduled.

          So if you noticed at my previous entry (the answer to todays question) i wrote that the thing i like about myself is my addiction to my art, sculpture, video games, and anime. Ironically that's one of the few things i do like about myself. I pretty much hate my image and my mirror most of the time, i hate how i can't stand people, and i hate that i can't trust people. (wow i just got strangely personal there)

           Now to smooth over that awkwardness, i'm going to go ahead and sign off for tonight. I'm really dying to get to my story AND I recently got another awesome idea for my next typing whim xD

          I told you it would be short! This is Newo (or Madi) signing off!!

Nightly Journaling: Vat19

 So just like last entry, i was planning on writing my journal entry earlier than usual, but now that its 12:30, i doubt that's going to happen. The reason i've been so distracted is because of this website called This is a website that sells some very interesting products, so basically, its just a resale website, but its not the website i was surfing for one and a half hours, its their videos on youtube. Now you're going to think i'm pretty stupid for this, but i've been watching videos advertising their random products. For an hour and a half.

              Yes, i'm crazy, but you may just want to check out at least one of their products/videos. If you pick a good one, you may be addicted as i am. Anyway, so today was relatively boring so this entry is most likely going to be pretty short. Sorry for those of you who like long entries. (Haha, no one reads this so it doesn't matter xD)

               I've been pretending that i have tons of readers for my journal and it ironically helps me type up so much stuff. But of course no one reads this, so each time i think of that, i'm tempted to change my mood to depressed (which has a really cute emoticon to go with it :D)

                If you haven't noticed by the emoticons that i set for my moods, i LOVE anime so if you haven't been putting the pieces together, you'll now realize that i am a 100% geek. I'm one of those girls that comes to school and afterwords, sits on a table, alone, playing my DS for an hour before being picked up. It can be a lonely life, but it has its advantages. Sort of. But of course, the main advantage i can think of right now is my best friend who i've not completely by accident converted her entire family to video games and her to both anime and video games. So yes, i've turned a completely normal human being with a future into someone that's almost as messed up as me.

               Although i guarantee you'd like her more than me. Shes much more sociable and awesome while i'm, well let's put it this way. Today, i spent my entire day either at borders or at home mostly on the computer or reading. I don't have much of a social life. 
                 And just like that, i've most likely lost any chance of ever having any readers :,(
                 MOVING ON! Since my birthday was about a week ago, i had received a borders giftcard. YAY FOR MY FAVORITE STORE!!! (barely above Gamestop and Michaels) And i was able to buy a couple books which leaves me with around 7 books that i really want to read but can't just yet. I can't because first i must finish my summer homework (which i've hardly started D:<) I'm not being forced to finish it first, i just want to finish it first, or at least one part of it.
                  Changing the subject that doesn't make me feel guilty; I actually started playing sims again today, but after awhile it just sort of felt dry. I'm not really sure why, but if i get the newest expansion pack (Generations), i do believe it will revive my sim loving and only slightly unhealthy addiction. 
                  Speaking of parties, tomorrow i get to go see the fireworks for the 4th of July! Yes, i know tomorrow is the 3rd, don't worry, we'll live if they shoot off fireworks a DAY before the 4th. What my family usually does is we see the display we go to every year on the 3rd then on the 4th, we go to one of those fireworks tents and buy one and get like 15 free because they're trying to get rid of all of them and then set them off that night. It's quite fun :D

                And also tomorrow we get to have most of my family over to our house for a bbq and a family party for my birthday! Yay, i'm such a kid! (contrary to popular belief, i am in fact in high school and slightly a head above most people on the level of maturity, but of course, at my school, thats not hard to do...)
               Anyway, i'm packing up for the night! I'll see you all tomorrow night (i hope :D)
               This is Newo (or Madi) signing off!

Nightly Journaling: Bad with Kids

 So I was going to post much earlier than this, like 45 minutes earlier (btw, its around 12 now), and i was sort of stalling myself trying to find something to do on the internet until i remembered this game called "Doodle God" which is where you combine elements to create new elements. Sound boring right? WRONG. Its actually sort of addicting, of course i wasn't playing Doodle God for the past 45 minutes, i was playing Doodle Devil.

              It's pretty much the same thing, but with different things such as sin, angel, tree, sex, etc. You get the picture. Instead of Air, water, fire, and earth, it starts with Human and Apple (meant to be forbidden fruit). The objective is to create 100 elements out of 2 all the while trying to get the most points (which, to be honest, i have no idea how i was getting points out of it the whole time). Needless to say, i did not finish. I got to around 52 different elements and then it just started to get boring and I quit to begin my Nightly Journaling. (and if you want to play this game, Doodle Devil is for ages 13 and up, just thought i'd put that out there, because it can be sort of inappropriate at times). But one thing i did learn (and i'm about to get a bit religious here) is how amazing it was how God created the whole world in a week and i can't finish some cheesy elements game. I just wanted to put that out there. Yes, I believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior. No I don't care if you're offended. Suck it up.

               Another thing i found extremely hilarous on the internet today was a blog (WITH PICTURES!!! :D) called "Books of Adam". If you're looking for a laugh, i highly suggest looking it up. It's probably one of the most entertaining things I've found on the internet. (And just fyi, It also has some inappropriate parts as well, please use caution).

              So i was at Steak n' Shake today when i heard a baby screaming. Then 2 seconds later another baby started screaming (Okay so he was a toddler, whatever.) and i just wanted to storm out of that stupid restaurant because neither of them would shut up! I know, I know, its so mean to hate a baby because it cries, but i can't seem to help it. I'm just about the worst, and i mean WORST with kids. Every time i sign up for something like a camp counselor or something like that i always (ALWAYS) regret it in the end. 

               Of course, before i get there, i plan everything out like little games or something to make the kids hate me less, but once i get there i sort of choke up and don't know what to do, so i just stand there awkwardly while the kids tell me random stuff i already knew and run around while i stay stock still with my eyes wide open until someone tells me what to do. I couldn't make kids like me if i came everyday with cake and ice cream for them. I think theres something about me that automatically sets of the "Insane Teenager" radar in the little kids. And ironically, while they don't care for me, i really don't want to be around them. Let's go back to the Steak n' shake example. If i hadn't just finished my food and we left close to the time they started screaming their heads off, i probably would've flipped out.

             Bottom line, I'm terrible with kids. There's one reason i don't have money. I can't babysit (or really get any other job xD) because i'd probably just fail miserably...  I'm really starting to question myself on what i'm going to do if i ever get my own kids. I'm afraid i'll give them up for adoption before age 3. Well, i'll try (maybe). On the plus side of things, i get along quite well with my friends younger siblings who seem to like me so maybe i'm doing something right. But it seemed like the only thing right i did there was introduce their family to the wonders of videogames, so maybe i wasn't doing anything right after all.

            Well, i guess that's about it for tonight. See, i told you i'd shorten it more this time :D. So i guess this is goodbye for tonight, and i'll see you all tomorrow!

            This is Newo (or Madi) signing off!

Nightly Journaling: Art and Such

 So since LiveJournal SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a good sized part of my entry typed out and then LiveJournal (the dumb s***) deleted the whole stinking thing!!!!! UGH!!! I'M QUITE MAD RIGHT NOW!
*huff huff huff*
Terribly sorry, i don't usually cuss, but i was quite mad back there. I'll try to control myself. It doesn't help that i can't make any noise right now, because my room is quite close to my parent's (the troubles of being a teenager) and the walls around me are practically paper-thin, so you can hear almost anything through them...

            Oh well, i'll live. Maybe it was like a blessing in disguise that LiveJournal (the turd...) deleted my entry, because in the last entry, i think i may have been rambling, which i doubt you would enjoy xD

            So what i had written basically consisted of me explaining about my slightly pitiful "dream" to become an artist and my, lets just say unharnessed ability to create art. I'm still working on it i guess. So in short i'm working on my sketches and a thing called polymer clay. its basically an oven bake clay (Yup, i'm going back to elementary school with my oven bake crafts xD) that has the consistency of gum (the unchewed BubbleYum type of gum :D) and it can actually make some pretty incredible stuff. But unfortunately, i'm not the best, to be honest, i'm closer to the worst in my opinion. But my parents beg to differ, which, and this may sound a bit strange, but i'm getting quite tired of their compliments of my work. I can't really take them seriously because they're close to me, and i know i'm not getting true criticism, which is what i really want. 
             The same sort of goes for my friends because they can't see what i truly what to create and the completely amateurish way my stuff looks... I'll post some pictures of my work so you can see what i'm talking about. What i really want to create is elegant dolls and figurines. I'll show you what i'm talking about. I've got a link to a polymer clay figure that i wish i could create like:
              Just to clarify, the figurine on that link is completely make of polymer clay besides the dress she's wearing of course 
               Anyway, You're probably getting bored of my talking about my art and my (most likely unreachable) dreams. I'll try to stay positive.
             I don't really want to end this entry here just yet and i don't want to bore you even more by talking about myself, i'll just leave little bits and pieces about my personality throughout my entries or if you really care, i think i filled out some of those pointless information about myself thingies that comes with creating my profile here on LiveJournal.
             Even though i don't want to end my Journal just yet, i sort of want to continue my cheesy romance story i've been working on. Just ask if you want to read it. I may post bits and pieces. I also may post up my latest short story which also happens to be my first (sort of) horror story, but i should probably save that until i have READERS :D And if you are there, please comment, because currently, if you comment, i'll probably explode from excitement and my family will think i'm crazy (but they probably already thing that xD)
            Anyway, so yes, if you are reading, just tell me what post and i'll post it (Unless it requires a lot of work or my laptop breaks. :P)
             So recently for my birthday, i got a 3DS (HOORAH HOORAH!!!) and Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D. This made me realize a couple of things. I don't really think 3D is the bees knees or anything (by the way, what the heck does "the bees knees" mean?!) But it is pretty cool. My brother is insane (hes older than me, just by the way) because he took my 3DS from me and started playing Excitebike in "3D" although it wasn't really 3D because if you know anything about excitebike, you'll know that it's graphics are up there with galaga and pac-man, so its not really a 3D phenomenon. Another thing i realized is how guided a lot of video games feel to me nowadays as compared to Ocarina of time, which really makes me think. Although i may just be playing the wrong games xD. Since the only hints i get are from Navi's constant "HEY, LISTEN!" that i want to bottle her up and throw her down Zora's River and most of them aren't that helpful either, the game can be challenging. One more thing i noticed is that i'm sort of wimpy when it comes to video games. Back when Ocarina of time was for the old console and i was too little to really get it, i would watch my older brother play it (same brother that plays excitebike, i only have one brother, hes my only sibling) and it was one of my favorite things to do, but the only thing i remembered was the spiders in the great Deku tree, so i had started playing the game and by the time i had gotten there, it was night time and i was too afraid to go in, so i paused the game and waited until morning to face those rotten nasties xP
              I did beat them in the end but my not so helpful brain did not remember anything but those spiders, so i'm pretty much on my own for the rest of the game.
              Well if you stuck through this incredibly long entry to the very end, i congratulate you and then i thank you and give you imaginary money for being so AWESOME! Sorry I made this entry so long, I'll try to make them a bit shorter in the future, but no promises ;D I just really like writing. I was pitifully thinking about my Nightly Journaling all day today, so i think i'm going to enjoy this journaling for awhile :D 
               Anyway, This is Newo (Or Madi) Signing off!

Nightly Journaling

                     So I've decided (since i'm so good at deciding >.<) that i'm going to either postpone or cancel the Lausell legacy. Just a note for anyone who felt like reading it. If you're really there, comment! Haha, so far its weird knowing that i'm typing to no one until some random person (I thank you so much!) stumbles across my lair of random weirdness. I'm stopping the legacy for a few reasons,
                     1. I'm SOO lazy. sorry...
                     B. I haven't been playing Sims 3 much lately anyway :P and
                     3. when i do play Sims, the first thing i'll do is go to my current family I've been playing for awhile now and i'm about to reach the 2nd generation for them.
It's one of the longest I've stayed with a family since my last attempt at legacy, which ended with the 2 generation.
                      So now you know why i've stopped, now you ought to know why i'm starting what i like to call NIghtly Journaling. Nightly Journaling (and I don't care how many times spell check tells me Journaling isn't i word) is when at night (obviously), I'll open up LiveJournal and write about life and such. Now is about the time when you're rolling your eyes thinking, "wow, what a loser, writing about her life like all the other bored people on LiveJournal" but don't turn away, I'll try my hardest to make things interesting :D.
                    Just a little other bit about Nightly Journaling is that currently its around 12:40 at night. Since it's summer, I really don't feel like going to sleep at the same time, so Hoorah, Hoorah! for my awful laptop with a huge black mark covering half the screen ('cause one of my bros friends stepped on it when it used to be his >.<) Because the screen is bright and i get internet! Anyway, it seems now that I've started this Journal, I've got so much to say! So I'll try to get it all in.
                   Being new to LiveJournal, i'm not sure if i have a limit to amount of words here. On another note, I'm very interested in writing stories, so i'll be most likely posting many of those here as well, so It'd be great if someone (Anyone!) could help critique me? I know for awhile (or never) no one is going to be reading these (unless my best friend Niamh discovers this and spams my Journal with comments...) but i'm going to try to stay positive and hopeful which it seems weird for a person like me to stay positive.

                   Sorry, i know you don't know me very well yet, but bear with me, i hope we'll learn more about each other soon enough. So now that my insane babble is coming to a close, i'm ironically starting to feel sad, but i know that tomorrow around 12-1 AM the same thing will be happening! So just to close, for all you Americans like me, Happy Independence Day! And for all you Brits like my best friend (mentioned above) FREEDOM!!! Haha, just kidding. Anyway, I'll see you later. This is Newo (Or Madi works too, if you like it better) signing off!