Newoangel (newoangel) wrote,

Thoughts Overflowing From My Ear: Announcement

First, sorry for the depressing entry i posted before this xD

Next for my real announcement:
So i've finally, after waiting way to long, decided to begin a Sims 3 10 Generation Legacy! It's going to be hard work so wish me luck!
If you want to read it, it is:
I've only got the introduction up and i'm working on the 1st chapter as of now.
I'd like to say this will not deter me from writing in my livejournal, but i'm sad to say that it will. Between school which is starting in a few weeks and writing this legacy, which i promised myself i wouldn't quit, i won't have much time to write lj entries. That and i won't be up really late anymore since i'll have to get up earlier. Although i may be able to post some nightly journalings during the weekends.

One last thing, some one please explain to me what the heck is wrong with lj? It's having some MAJOR problems right now.
Anyway, i guess thats about it.
This is Madi, signing off!
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