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Nightly Journaling: Short...

It'll be quick, since lj is having so many problems, i just wanted to write.

Ive felt emotionally sick lately. Not sure why, or why i'm posting this. I might delete it later, if i knew how. I think my story and my music may be making me crazy, but i don't care. I'm not stopping my story.

Lately i've been wanting to move out. Of course thats impossible since i'm not 18 yet, but i still want to. I'm so sick of this house and i'm so tired of living with people. I would love to just live alone in a place with a cat or dog without any roomates or anything, just me. Unfortunatly, whenever i picture myself living alone, the place i'm in seems dark and creepy with a wierd smell and its old. It has low celings and the only source of light is from yellow lamps. (I don't like yellow lightbulb light. Yes i'm weird.)

The above picture would be my biggest nightmare. I wouldnt be able to stand something like that. I'd rather live on a park bench. Ok i'm exageratting, but whatever.

Okay, this went longer than i wanted it to, so i'm done.

This is Madi, signing off!
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