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Nightly Journaling: Emotions Suck!

So i meant to post this entry last night, but of course, LJ screwed up and wouldn't let me post it. POO! Here's to hoping it works this time. 

I swear, emotions are doing me nothing for the past ever. They keep messing with my life. UGH. In the past few hours, I've gone from excited to happy to relaxed to nervous to confused to excited to regrettable to happy and sad at the same time to crying to nervously relaxed to depressed. Its just exhausting! Maybe its just another perk of being a stupid teenage girl. Dangit!! ARGH. Joy, now i'm sort of angry. Emotions suck.

              I didn't really have anything else to say tonight, but its been awhile, so i thought i might as well post a bit more. Yes, i'm being courteous to all you invisible readers (like invisible friends, but not). I've been pretty depressed because i reread my introduction to AP European history and it happily informed me that for the next year i'm going to have 45 minutes to 1hour of homework per night. PER NIGHT! How the heck am i supposed to continue living with that crud raised over my head ready to kill me with guilt and exhaustion. Overall thats around 135 hours of AP Euro homework, and thats not including the rest of the homework from my other classes! Highschool is worse than emotions... So just kill me now. Please. Preferably through a shot to the head or slowly while i'm sleeping, but then it won't matter after i'm dead.
              Anyway, i'm going to try my hardest to get through this and i vow never to take an AP class again. EVER. EVER!!! EVER!!!!!!! Unless its an art class xD Speaking of movies. We were talking about movies right? Well anyway, today i once again went to see harry potter part 2 in theatres, but in 3D. Not much difference, just annoying that i had to keep pushing my 3D glasses back up my face throughout the entire 2-3 hours of the movie and i can't seem to get all the popcorn out of my shirt Dx
               I'd explain why i went to see it again, but i don't feel like it, so you're just going to have to live with it. Anyway, i'm tired, so i'm not going to bed, but i will be ending this entry. Sorry for such a boring and unhappy entry! I'll try to make my life happier so you can enjoy these more. 
               This is Madi, signing off!
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