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Nightly Journaling: Just felt like it

 Not sure why i decided to write tonight, just thought i might, so it'll probably be short. xD

            So i'll start with this, like i do with everything i have a problem with (which is a lot) i look up solutions online, ironically since its about the internet xD Okay so thats not ironic, but WHATEVER. Anyway, i needed to figure out a way to get more traffic to my livejournal and i figured out  a few problems. One is that my livejournal has absolutely NO PURPOSE except for random entertainment for a random hopefully human person who happened to stumble across this. HA. Another problem is that i haven't been doing anything to get more people to come. Of course i would be so lazy as to not do anything. WELL nO MOrE! I discovered something that told me i should post my livejournal link on just about EVERYTHING. So now my livejournal link shall be on all my signatures from email to I have to stop waiting for people to come since they obviously won't, which makes it all the more wierd that i'm just typing to myself. WEll i guess perseverance is key, or whatever people say.

              Next quick topic, i finally switched music xD I knew i had a problem when i couldn't seem to hum anything else but a certain Anberlin song that i hardly like anymore, so i've moved onto another cheesy boy band that was suggested to me by a certain crazy friend whos username is in parseltounge (i think i spelled that right...) so i can't remember it, but whatever. It's actually pretty entertaining to listen too, but if ur younger than 13 than u suggest u stay away. It tends to cuss. Just warning you now. Anyway, the band is All Time Low. So if ur looking for some very slightly punk and almost all alternative (the real alternative, not whatever crap they label as alternative today is) so its not screamo or metal or hard rock or regular rock or anything like that, just real singing and guitar playing :D i enjoy it, if ur anything like me, you'll probably enjoy it too, so feel free to check it out. 

               Speaking of music, something much better than pandora or even ITunes is this new thing i discovered called CHECK IT ouT! It's baisically ITunes but online and you can listen to any music you want. ANY MUSIC yOU WANT FOR FREE. YES FREE. Its really awesome. Its free to sign up and u don't even have to sign up if u dont wanna. You can still listen to whatever music you want :D Its so much better than pandora cuz you can skip however many songs you want to and it doesn't make you listen to some stupid song thats not actually anything similar to what you want to listen to.

            Anyway, i wanna get back to my story. xD sorry it's more important that my nonexistent readers. Though if i did have readers, i promise you that you're more important that my story. Okay, you just keep believing that and it'll be all good :D So thats about it for tonight.

              This is Madi signing off!
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