Newoangel (newoangel) wrote,

Thoughts overflowing from my ear: During Day Writing

I know, i know, its not nighttime and i'm writing, but i just wanted to write a bit for now, so i've decided to name it "Thoughts overflowing from my ear". If you don't like it, suck it up. 

              Moving on, this is going to be really short cuz i just wanted to write something really quick, so here goes nothing:
So i broke down and actually went to see Harry Potter part 2. Sigh... I sort of feel like i broke some sort of promise to myself xD Anyway, it wasn't bad, at least i didn't cry, but my friend did and she had already seen it anyway. So hooray for yesterday because i actually got to go to the mall for the first time in forever and secured a new ds game that i had played years before and had wanted to play again. For 6 bucks, it was a pretty good deal.

            Anyway, thats about all i have to say. Ha, that was reaaaallly short. Shorter than i expected, but whatever.
            This is Newo (or Madi) signing off AGAIN.
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