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Nightly Journaling: Gone crazy, may be gone awhile.

 Freaking out at 12:45!!! I'm feeling super randomly energetic!!!!!! Why? For a few reasons;
One: i'm hanging out with ksa_ishivlrista (my best friend, look her up, shes just as crazy, if not more, as me xD)
Two: i've been listening to this song:
Yes, its in Japanese, but its got subtitles! It's super awesome and so fun to listen to!! (900000x better than nyan cat any day)
Three: I'm just happy :D
THis doesn't happen often, so SAVOR IT!!
Haha, i wish i was this excited every day, tho it doesn't help that its past midnight of course.
I'm buying said song posted above for my ipod and phone ringtone xD
Well i guess thats it, i'm going to try to sleep so i can acutally wake up tomorrow to hang out with above said friend. Told u this would be short xD
Haha funny, i told myself i would go to bed before midnight, so much for that! Shh, don't tell on me xD
Sorry this is how i am when i've gone completely crazy WHOOO :D
Okay, time to try to stop!

This is Newo (or Madi) going insane and signing off!!!!!!!!!
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