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Nightly Journaling: Bleh Blah Bluh

 Hilo again, and welcome back to nightly Journaling, the not so much a game show but more similar to a blog game show! I'm your host Newoangel, are you ready to play!? I sure hope not, cuz obviously this is not a game show (no matter how much i wish it was), but alas, it is a LiveJournal. Haha, here we go again. Since the moment i decided i would write tonight was the same moment i began to feel like crap, this journal may be cut short, but probably not.

           So once again, i continue into more relaying of my bleh blah bluh life. Its also referred to ho-hum, yuck, and BORING. I was reading some blogs and such online and i'm so jealous because these people's lives are so interesting, and with school coming up (i shiver at the thought, i really do...) and my summer homework still not really started (procrastinating is only fun in the beginning...) i'm starting to wish i was in college, where my classes don't start at 8 and last for around 6 freaking hours... When i think high school hell that way, i'm starting to think those stupid online middle school or high school whatever schools aren't so bad afterall, but then i'd rather wake up early and have a social life then not wake up early and be even more of a shut in then i already am. Of course when it comes to college, i've got one of the classes covered, since my choices of history this year were "Take an AP class or look like a total stupid idiot taking the world history class that is non honors and non AP"... but i'm not going to talk about school anymore, it makes me sad. My homework is making me feel guilty, so instead of spending my time doing the homework, i spend it thinking of ways to rationalize my laziness and try to figure out if it would be a big dent in my grade if i did a bad job on it or turned it in late...

            MOVING ON!!!! Whew, that was gut wrenching.... -shivers- NO MORE SCHOOL TALK.

            Now that that's out of the way, i finally got a really cheap version of sims that works on my awful laptop and also figured out what the giant black splotches covering half the screen are. Turns out its some sort of liquid that creates the backlight in the laptop and when my bros friend stepped on it, it broke something inside, causing the liquidy stuff to seep through or something like that. At least it explains why the shape of the gunk keeps changing. Now its gone from an oval with a black oval that shows through in the middle, to a big black circle that is sort of split in the middle by the literal crack in the screen. So thats my goopy laptop problem, as for my sims, have u heard of sims life stories? Well it costs 10 bucks at office max and its the cheapest and simplest way to get sims besides sims 1 (which ive never played, regrettably) Its baisically sims 2, but taking away some of the stuff and adding in a couple of tiny extras from a few expansion packs since there arent any for life stories. At only 10 bucks it's definitely worth every penny since it works on my laptop.

              Of course, i owe a lot to my copy of sims life stories. It actually introduced me to sims. BEWARE, LARGE LONG LASTING MY HISTORY OF DISCOVERING SIMS RANT AHEAD. TO AVOID, PLEASE SKIP TO NEXT PARAGRAPH. So how it happened was i was at goodwill (yes i shop there, if u get lucky, u can find a cool video game for a cheap price, hence this story) and i discovered sims life stories for 4 bucks. If thats not a good deal, i dont know what is, since obviously, 4 bucks for almost any pc game is usually good unless its crappy or old or terrible or useless and whatnot. 

            YOu know what, just screw it... Theres a fly in this room and i just spent the last 45 minutes trying to kill it and its still somewhere here, so i'm tired and i'm sorry to all you who cared, but now i feel tired, crappy, and depressed, and annoyed at this stupid fly that wont DIE. I'm going to bed.

               I'm signing off, too tired to say it the usual way...
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