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Nightly Journaling: Clay and Change

 The first thing i want to point out is that i changed my background and my userpic! :D I get bored easily, so i'll change my background periodically, anyway, moving on...

             The second, besides the fact that this will be a short entry since its so late (I watched a movie until 12:30 tonight), is about Polymer clay again. I was thinking that obviously i should start posting pictures and such to get more critique on it, but i was also thinking of putting myself to a challenge. That challenge involves a huge list of tutorials that i discovered online and the task of me trying every single one of them (besides the extras teaching you how to use TLS, which is translucent liquid sculpey, look it up) So i thought i might do that and make this Journal a bit more interesting, so maybe, on top of Nightly Journaling of course, i would begin new entries for my clay. Anyone like the idea?

             One more thing to add is that my best friend Niamh (pronounced neeve btw) (whom now has a livejournal.... i mentioned her before) and I have been writing stories for quite awhile now and together we have been working on a novel, and of course shes dying to post it... I'm a bit hesitant tho, i'd like to wait and decide whether were going to try to publish it on the Nook online thing (you can publish any story you want and set a price and then sell it as an eBook and you get 70% of the profit) so posting it here would be like giving it away free... And the debate goes on, but while were deciding, i think i'll start posting a couple stories myself, One being a story ive been working on for awhile, though its just for fun. It's about a girl whos boyfriend moves away without a word to her and they break up badly and she becomes slightly depressed as she graduates and moves to the city to try to start a new life. Yes, i know it sound horribly BORING, but its actually pretty interesting just so long as you like romance. ;D
                Another story i have is actually a horror story that i wrote on a whim thats based after a song/music video, if you want to read that, just let me know! I'd love to know if you want to read any of my stuff or see my art. I'll post a few pics of my polymer clay work as well. So i'm taking suggestions as to what i should write about in the near future, please comment!
                   One last tiny thing, my best friend mentioned above has started a livejournal and since shes advertising mine, i might as well return the favor. Since no one can read, write, let alone pronounce her insane (yet quite creative but sort of obsessive, you'll see if you read her entries) user name, ill just give you a link:
             AnYwAy, that looks like that just about covers everything, feel free to continue being awesome.
             This is Newo (or Madi) signing off!
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