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Nightly Journaling: LiveJournal Fail (again) and Writer's Block (again)

So i'm going to say this, this journal was supposed to be posted a few days ago, but once again, STUPID Lifejournal has failed me and instead of posting this, it saved it and i was unaware of that until now, so there shall be 2 journals posted today :D Without further ado, i give you my nightly journaling that was supposed to be posted a few days ago >:( 

I swear, i get writers block in EVERYTHING. From my stories, to poems, to my LiveJournal entries. So i was looking online for solutions to my mid-story crisis (having writers block in the middle of my writing) and so the only stuff that came up was solutions for finding something to write about, that i should get up and go for a walk or something, or hypnosis. Yes, you read that right, they were suggesting hypnosis, but not just suggesting it, they were SELLING it. They were selling hypnosis in CD and book sets. So yes, i had no luck there, the only other idea i noticed was to write stuff down. Just write down whatever you are thinking about, so i decided that's what i will do on my LIveJournal, although that's exactly what ive been doing this whole time, so whatever. If i wrote down what i was thinking about, Livejournal would probably explode. Theres just too much going on up there, but i'll give it a shot.

         The first few things i was thinking about include the following. First, am i the only one it bothers that the TAB button doesnt work in these entries? Its just been bugging me. Second, theres a small cut on my face that stings >.<, Third, there was a slutty girl at Imos today whos shorts were shorter than her underwear and i could see it hanging out past her shorts. EWWW... I was sort of annoyed by that. Fifth, so for the summer i've been taking a class at Kruegers pottery shop teaching me out to make some stuff out of clay. Now i went into this class expecting to be going into a class filled with teens my age, but my parental figure failed to point out that the class was 15+ not 15-18, which is what i thought it was and i didn't learn it wasn't until the day of, and obviously then it was to late. So now, every tuesday morning for six weeks, i have to get up and build clay stuff with women who are all 30 years (more or less) older than me. 

        Sixth, so my brother and my dad and a bunch of my brothers friends are going on a road trip to branson this week (if you don't know what it is and live in the U.S., look it up) which is pretty much a less expensive vacation spot thats good for families and such, and is still a ways away, so theyre going to be gone for the weekend, leaving me with my mom and my dog, so i asked if i could have a bunch of my friends over for like a girls weekend sort of thing, but nooo, she says i should just have one person over, which sort of stinks. And i cant really get my dad into it, since hes always for it if im spending time with other people. I think he knows i'm not very much of a social person, so hes always trying to get me out of the house and be social and such, but since hes leaving, i cant really get him on my side for this weekend, so i'm a bit at a loss. Wow, six was quite long, and i'm going to stop with seventh, since i have more, but i dont feel like writing it, anyway.

           Seventh, today i went with my bro and his girlfriend to a few art stores and then get some dinner, but like i shouldve expected, they started arguing like they were married again then his girlfriend (who is awesome when shes just hanging out with me or other GIRLS, but when shes with my bro, shes super pissy and a little annoying sometimes >.<) got all angry and sad or something for no reason. I think she was yelling about how she wanted a smoothie and wouldnt stop, which bugged me because it annoyed the heck out of me and she was acting like she was 5... Now i have nothing against her, but i have something against hanging out with her and my bro, cuz shes really cool when theyre not both together. Does this make sense? Anyway, it can get pretty annoying, but i did get a new sketchbook that fits in my purse, so i guess the day wasn't a total waste.

         So i'm going to finish up there, hope someone actually read this entry! 

          This is Newo (or Madi) signing off! (Itd better post this time!!!!)
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