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Nightly Journaling: Sorry!!

 Augh! I'm sorry i'm such a terrible person! I wanted to write! I really did... But i guess that's a bit of a lie, because each night i did think about  writing, but all i wanted to do is work on my story, which is coming along nicely :D sort of, it'd be better if the plot wasn't so cheesy, but whatever, its mainly for fun anyway. So the main reason i didn't write was because (well, partly because i was lazy) because i knew that if i did try to write, all the entries would be about a paragraph long and that would be no fun! In my defense, last night i was at a friend's house, but i did have available internet, so once again, i'm to blame...

             Anyway, onto a different topic, i was thinking about adding in some sort of fun picture or at least something to make these a bit more interesting, because as i read over my entries, i notice that they're pretty BORING. My bad, I've been trying, but its hard to make my life seem interesting, so now it seems that LiveJournal has become one of those things where i talk about something you could do when you're bored (vat19, Sims, doodleGod, etc.), i talk about how i'm pathetic and lonely, and i write about my mostly uneventful day. It occured to me that i need NEED to do something with my Journal before i loose all my readers that i don't have! Oh no, i must hurry and make my life interesting!

            I'll work more on the interesting thing later, as for now, today i decided to start over on this manga i had wanted to read that's all about Dogs! It's called Inubaka, and if you like manga and cute and shojo and doggies, then i definitely suggest it. Speaking of Inubaka, i reaaaalllly want to read it right now, so I'm so sorry! I'm gonna sign off already! I missed those first 2 days where i was so excited about this. I'm working on it...
            Anyway, this is Newo (or Madi) signing off!!
Tags: anime, apologize, boring, fun, i don't know what else to list as a tag, inubaka, livejournal, manga, sims, sorry, uninteresting, when you are bored
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