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Nightly Journaling: Short and Sweet

 So i'm going to make this entry short for a few reasons, one, i'm sorta tired, so i want to spend a little time on my story then go to bed sooner and I'm also feeling a bit crazy right now so i don't want to start ranting or rambling.

        But i'll just go ahead and say a bit. For one, today was AWESOME. I went to my good friend megan's house for her graduation party (which RoCKED) but then i had to leave early which was sad. Luckily i was going home to my own party with my family (yay!). I got both Okami Den for DS and Sims 3 Medieval!! I'm so excited about it! (It was a bday party, just fyi). then we were going to see fireworks, but it got rained out :( even though it stopped raining... oh well, its rescheduled.

          So if you noticed at my previous entry (the answer to todays question) i wrote that the thing i like about myself is my addiction to my art, sculpture, video games, and anime. Ironically that's one of the few things i do like about myself. I pretty much hate my image and my mirror most of the time, i hate how i can't stand people, and i hate that i can't trust people. (wow i just got strangely personal there)

           Now to smooth over that awkwardness, i'm going to go ahead and sign off for tonight. I'm really dying to get to my story AND I recently got another awesome idea for my next typing whim xD

          I told you it would be short! This is Newo (or Madi) signing off!!
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