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Nightly Journaling: Vat19

 So just like last entry, i was planning on writing my journal entry earlier than usual, but now that its 12:30, i doubt that's going to happen. The reason i've been so distracted is because of this website called This is a website that sells some very interesting products, so basically, its just a resale website, but its not the website i was surfing for one and a half hours, its their videos on youtube. Now you're going to think i'm pretty stupid for this, but i've been watching videos advertising their random products. For an hour and a half.

              Yes, i'm crazy, but you may just want to check out at least one of their products/videos. If you pick a good one, you may be addicted as i am. Anyway, so today was relatively boring so this entry is most likely going to be pretty short. Sorry for those of you who like long entries. (Haha, no one reads this so it doesn't matter xD)

               I've been pretending that i have tons of readers for my journal and it ironically helps me type up so much stuff. But of course no one reads this, so each time i think of that, i'm tempted to change my mood to depressed (which has a really cute emoticon to go with it :D)

                If you haven't noticed by the emoticons that i set for my moods, i LOVE anime so if you haven't been putting the pieces together, you'll now realize that i am a 100% geek. I'm one of those girls that comes to school and afterwords, sits on a table, alone, playing my DS for an hour before being picked up. It can be a lonely life, but it has its advantages. Sort of. But of course, the main advantage i can think of right now is my best friend who i've not completely by accident converted her entire family to video games and her to both anime and video games. So yes, i've turned a completely normal human being with a future into someone that's almost as messed up as me.

               Although i guarantee you'd like her more than me. Shes much more sociable and awesome while i'm, well let's put it this way. Today, i spent my entire day either at borders or at home mostly on the computer or reading. I don't have much of a social life. 
                 And just like that, i've most likely lost any chance of ever having any readers :,(
                 MOVING ON! Since my birthday was about a week ago, i had received a borders giftcard. YAY FOR MY FAVORITE STORE!!! (barely above Gamestop and Michaels) And i was able to buy a couple books which leaves me with around 7 books that i really want to read but can't just yet. I can't because first i must finish my summer homework (which i've hardly started D:<) I'm not being forced to finish it first, i just want to finish it first, or at least one part of it.
                  Changing the subject that doesn't make me feel guilty; I actually started playing sims again today, but after awhile it just sort of felt dry. I'm not really sure why, but if i get the newest expansion pack (Generations), i do believe it will revive my sim loving and only slightly unhealthy addiction. 
                  Speaking of parties, tomorrow i get to go see the fireworks for the 4th of July! Yes, i know tomorrow is the 3rd, don't worry, we'll live if they shoot off fireworks a DAY before the 4th. What my family usually does is we see the display we go to every year on the 3rd then on the 4th, we go to one of those fireworks tents and buy one and get like 15 free because they're trying to get rid of all of them and then set them off that night. It's quite fun :D

                And also tomorrow we get to have most of my family over to our house for a bbq and a family party for my birthday! Yay, i'm such a kid! (contrary to popular belief, i am in fact in high school and slightly a head above most people on the level of maturity, but of course, at my school, thats not hard to do...)
               Anyway, i'm packing up for the night! I'll see you all tomorrow night (i hope :D)
               This is Newo (or Madi) signing off!
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