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Nightly Journaling: Bad with Kids

 So I was going to post much earlier than this, like 45 minutes earlier (btw, its around 12 now), and i was sort of stalling myself trying to find something to do on the internet until i remembered this game called "Doodle God" which is where you combine elements to create new elements. Sound boring right? WRONG. Its actually sort of addicting, of course i wasn't playing Doodle God for the past 45 minutes, i was playing Doodle Devil.

              It's pretty much the same thing, but with different things such as sin, angel, tree, sex, etc. You get the picture. Instead of Air, water, fire, and earth, it starts with Human and Apple (meant to be forbidden fruit). The objective is to create 100 elements out of 2 all the while trying to get the most points (which, to be honest, i have no idea how i was getting points out of it the whole time). Needless to say, i did not finish. I got to around 52 different elements and then it just started to get boring and I quit to begin my Nightly Journaling. (and if you want to play this game, Doodle Devil is for ages 13 and up, just thought i'd put that out there, because it can be sort of inappropriate at times). But one thing i did learn (and i'm about to get a bit religious here) is how amazing it was how God created the whole world in a week and i can't finish some cheesy elements game. I just wanted to put that out there. Yes, I believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior. No I don't care if you're offended. Suck it up.

               Another thing i found extremely hilarous on the internet today was a blog (WITH PICTURES!!! :D) called "Books of Adam". If you're looking for a laugh, i highly suggest looking it up. It's probably one of the most entertaining things I've found on the internet. (And just fyi, It also has some inappropriate parts as well, please use caution).

              So i was at Steak n' Shake today when i heard a baby screaming. Then 2 seconds later another baby started screaming (Okay so he was a toddler, whatever.) and i just wanted to storm out of that stupid restaurant because neither of them would shut up! I know, I know, its so mean to hate a baby because it cries, but i can't seem to help it. I'm just about the worst, and i mean WORST with kids. Every time i sign up for something like a camp counselor or something like that i always (ALWAYS) regret it in the end. 

               Of course, before i get there, i plan everything out like little games or something to make the kids hate me less, but once i get there i sort of choke up and don't know what to do, so i just stand there awkwardly while the kids tell me random stuff i already knew and run around while i stay stock still with my eyes wide open until someone tells me what to do. I couldn't make kids like me if i came everyday with cake and ice cream for them. I think theres something about me that automatically sets of the "Insane Teenager" radar in the little kids. And ironically, while they don't care for me, i really don't want to be around them. Let's go back to the Steak n' shake example. If i hadn't just finished my food and we left close to the time they started screaming their heads off, i probably would've flipped out.

             Bottom line, I'm terrible with kids. There's one reason i don't have money. I can't babysit (or really get any other job xD) because i'd probably just fail miserably...  I'm really starting to question myself on what i'm going to do if i ever get my own kids. I'm afraid i'll give them up for adoption before age 3. Well, i'll try (maybe). On the plus side of things, i get along quite well with my friends younger siblings who seem to like me so maybe i'm doing something right. But it seemed like the only thing right i did there was introduce their family to the wonders of videogames, so maybe i wasn't doing anything right after all.

            Well, i guess that's about it for tonight. See, i told you i'd shorten it more this time :D. So i guess this is goodbye for tonight, and i'll see you all tomorrow!

            This is Newo (or Madi) signing off!

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