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Nightly Journaling: Art and Such

 So since LiveJournal SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a good sized part of my entry typed out and then LiveJournal (the dumb s***) deleted the whole stinking thing!!!!! UGH!!! I'M QUITE MAD RIGHT NOW!
*huff huff huff*
Terribly sorry, i don't usually cuss, but i was quite mad back there. I'll try to control myself. It doesn't help that i can't make any noise right now, because my room is quite close to my parent's (the troubles of being a teenager) and the walls around me are practically paper-thin, so you can hear almost anything through them...

            Oh well, i'll live. Maybe it was like a blessing in disguise that LiveJournal (the turd...) deleted my entry, because in the last entry, i think i may have been rambling, which i doubt you would enjoy xD

            So what i had written basically consisted of me explaining about my slightly pitiful "dream" to become an artist and my, lets just say unharnessed ability to create art. I'm still working on it i guess. So in short i'm working on my sketches and a thing called polymer clay. its basically an oven bake clay (Yup, i'm going back to elementary school with my oven bake crafts xD) that has the consistency of gum (the unchewed BubbleYum type of gum :D) and it can actually make some pretty incredible stuff. But unfortunately, i'm not the best, to be honest, i'm closer to the worst in my opinion. But my parents beg to differ, which, and this may sound a bit strange, but i'm getting quite tired of their compliments of my work. I can't really take them seriously because they're close to me, and i know i'm not getting true criticism, which is what i really want. 
             The same sort of goes for my friends because they can't see what i truly what to create and the completely amateurish way my stuff looks... I'll post some pictures of my work so you can see what i'm talking about. What i really want to create is elegant dolls and figurines. I'll show you what i'm talking about. I've got a link to a polymer clay figure that i wish i could create like:
              Just to clarify, the figurine on that link is completely make of polymer clay besides the dress she's wearing of course 
               Anyway, You're probably getting bored of my talking about my art and my (most likely unreachable) dreams. I'll try to stay positive.
             I don't really want to end this entry here just yet and i don't want to bore you even more by talking about myself, i'll just leave little bits and pieces about my personality throughout my entries or if you really care, i think i filled out some of those pointless information about myself thingies that comes with creating my profile here on LiveJournal.
             Even though i don't want to end my Journal just yet, i sort of want to continue my cheesy romance story i've been working on. Just ask if you want to read it. I may post bits and pieces. I also may post up my latest short story which also happens to be my first (sort of) horror story, but i should probably save that until i have READERS :D And if you are there, please comment, because currently, if you comment, i'll probably explode from excitement and my family will think i'm crazy (but they probably already thing that xD)
            Anyway, so yes, if you are reading, just tell me what post and i'll post it (Unless it requires a lot of work or my laptop breaks. :P)
             So recently for my birthday, i got a 3DS (HOORAH HOORAH!!!) and Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D. This made me realize a couple of things. I don't really think 3D is the bees knees or anything (by the way, what the heck does "the bees knees" mean?!) But it is pretty cool. My brother is insane (hes older than me, just by the way) because he took my 3DS from me and started playing Excitebike in "3D" although it wasn't really 3D because if you know anything about excitebike, you'll know that it's graphics are up there with galaga and pac-man, so its not really a 3D phenomenon. Another thing i realized is how guided a lot of video games feel to me nowadays as compared to Ocarina of time, which really makes me think. Although i may just be playing the wrong games xD. Since the only hints i get are from Navi's constant "HEY, LISTEN!" that i want to bottle her up and throw her down Zora's River and most of them aren't that helpful either, the game can be challenging. One more thing i noticed is that i'm sort of wimpy when it comes to video games. Back when Ocarina of time was for the old console and i was too little to really get it, i would watch my older brother play it (same brother that plays excitebike, i only have one brother, hes my only sibling) and it was one of my favorite things to do, but the only thing i remembered was the spiders in the great Deku tree, so i had started playing the game and by the time i had gotten there, it was night time and i was too afraid to go in, so i paused the game and waited until morning to face those rotten nasties xP
              I did beat them in the end but my not so helpful brain did not remember anything but those spiders, so i'm pretty much on my own for the rest of the game.
              Well if you stuck through this incredibly long entry to the very end, i congratulate you and then i thank you and give you imaginary money for being so AWESOME! Sorry I made this entry so long, I'll try to make them a bit shorter in the future, but no promises ;D I just really like writing. I was pitifully thinking about my Nightly Journaling all day today, so i think i'm going to enjoy this journaling for awhile :D 
               Anyway, This is Newo (Or Madi) Signing off!
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