Thoughts Overflowing From My Ear: Announcement

First, sorry for the depressing entry i posted before this xD

Next for my real announcement:
So i've finally, after waiting way to long, decided to begin a Sims 3 10 Generation Legacy! It's going to be hard work so wish me luck!
If you want to read it, it is:
I've only got the introduction up and i'm working on the 1st chapter as of now.
I'd like to say this will not deter me from writing in my livejournal, but i'm sad to say that it will. Between school which is starting in a few weeks and writing this legacy, which i promised myself i wouldn't quit, i won't have much time to write lj entries. That and i won't be up really late anymore since i'll have to get up earlier. Although i may be able to post some nightly journalings during the weekends.

One last thing, some one please explain to me what the heck is wrong with lj? It's having some MAJOR problems right now.
Anyway, i guess thats about it.
This is Madi, signing off!
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Nightly Journaling: Short...

It'll be quick, since lj is having so many problems, i just wanted to write.

Ive felt emotionally sick lately. Not sure why, or why i'm posting this. I might delete it later, if i knew how. I think my story and my music may be making me crazy, but i don't care. I'm not stopping my story.

Lately i've been wanting to move out. Of course thats impossible since i'm not 18 yet, but i still want to. I'm so sick of this house and i'm so tired of living with people. I would love to just live alone in a place with a cat or dog without any roomates or anything, just me. Unfortunatly, whenever i picture myself living alone, the place i'm in seems dark and creepy with a wierd smell and its old. It has low celings and the only source of light is from yellow lamps. (I don't like yellow lightbulb light. Yes i'm weird.)

The above picture would be my biggest nightmare. I wouldnt be able to stand something like that. I'd rather live on a park bench. Ok i'm exageratting, but whatever.

Okay, this went longer than i wanted it to, so i'm done.

This is Madi, signing off!
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Nightly Journaling: Emotions Suck!

So i meant to post this entry last night, but of course, LJ screwed up and wouldn't let me post it. POO! Here's to hoping it works this time. 

I swear, emotions are doing me nothing for the past ever. They keep messing with my life. UGH. In the past few hours, I've gone from excited to happy to relaxed to nervous to confused to excited to regrettable to happy and sad at the same time to crying to nervously relaxed to depressed. Its just exhausting! Maybe its just another perk of being a stupid teenage girl. Dangit!! ARGH. Joy, now i'm sort of angry. Emotions suck.

              I didn't really have anything else to say tonight, but its been awhile, so i thought i might as well post a bit more. Yes, i'm being courteous to all you invisible readers (like invisible friends, but not). I've been pretty depressed because i reread my introduction to AP European history and it happily informed me that for the next year i'm going to have 45 minutes to 1hour of homework per night. PER NIGHT! How the heck am i supposed to continue living with that crud raised over my head ready to kill me with guilt and exhaustion. Overall thats around 135 hours of AP Euro homework, and thats not including the rest of the homework from my other classes! Highschool is worse than emotions... So just kill me now. Please. Preferably through a shot to the head or slowly while i'm sleeping, but then it won't matter after i'm dead.
              Anyway, i'm going to try my hardest to get through this and i vow never to take an AP class again. EVER. EVER!!! EVER!!!!!!! Unless its an art class xD Speaking of movies. We were talking about movies right? Well anyway, today i once again went to see harry potter part 2 in theatres, but in 3D. Not much difference, just annoying that i had to keep pushing my 3D glasses back up my face throughout the entire 2-3 hours of the movie and i can't seem to get all the popcorn out of my shirt Dx
               I'd explain why i went to see it again, but i don't feel like it, so you're just going to have to live with it. Anyway, i'm tired, so i'm not going to bed, but i will be ending this entry. Sorry for such a boring and unhappy entry! I'll try to make my life happier so you can enjoy these more. 
               This is Madi, signing off!
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Nightly Journaling: Just felt like it

 Not sure why i decided to write tonight, just thought i might, so it'll probably be short. xD

            So i'll start with this, like i do with everything i have a problem with (which is a lot) i look up solutions online, ironically since its about the internet xD Okay so thats not ironic, but WHATEVER. Anyway, i needed to figure out a way to get more traffic to my livejournal and i figured out  a few problems. One is that my livejournal has absolutely NO PURPOSE except for random entertainment for a random hopefully human person who happened to stumble across this. HA. Another problem is that i haven't been doing anything to get more people to come. Of course i would be so lazy as to not do anything. WELL nO MOrE! I discovered something that told me i should post my livejournal link on just about EVERYTHING. So now my livejournal link shall be on all my signatures from email to I have to stop waiting for people to come since they obviously won't, which makes it all the more wierd that i'm just typing to myself. WEll i guess perseverance is key, or whatever people say.

              Next quick topic, i finally switched music xD I knew i had a problem when i couldn't seem to hum anything else but a certain Anberlin song that i hardly like anymore, so i've moved onto another cheesy boy band that was suggested to me by a certain crazy friend whos username is in parseltounge (i think i spelled that right...) so i can't remember it, but whatever. It's actually pretty entertaining to listen too, but if ur younger than 13 than u suggest u stay away. It tends to cuss. Just warning you now. Anyway, the band is All Time Low. So if ur looking for some very slightly punk and almost all alternative (the real alternative, not whatever crap they label as alternative today is) so its not screamo or metal or hard rock or regular rock or anything like that, just real singing and guitar playing :D i enjoy it, if ur anything like me, you'll probably enjoy it too, so feel free to check it out. 

               Speaking of music, something much better than pandora or even ITunes is this new thing i discovered called CHECK IT ouT! It's baisically ITunes but online and you can listen to any music you want. ANY MUSIC yOU WANT FOR FREE. YES FREE. Its really awesome. Its free to sign up and u don't even have to sign up if u dont wanna. You can still listen to whatever music you want :D Its so much better than pandora cuz you can skip however many songs you want to and it doesn't make you listen to some stupid song thats not actually anything similar to what you want to listen to.

            Anyway, i wanna get back to my story. xD sorry it's more important that my nonexistent readers. Though if i did have readers, i promise you that you're more important that my story. Okay, you just keep believing that and it'll be all good :D So thats about it for tonight.

              This is Madi signing off!

NIghtly Journaling: Blue music for a Blue Mood

 Why is it that after listening to Anberlin for the longest time (just look at my music for almost all my entries) only now do the mood of them feel sort of sad? Maybe it's cause i feel blue right now, but then its usually my music that changes my mood, not my mood that changes the music. Huh, oh well, i guess it doesn't matter.

             I went to a big department-like store today thats going out of business. The whole place is filled with furniture and different electronics and it has a bunch of laptops, and i've got my eye on one in particular. It's gone down about 300 dollars now and its about 600 dollars and its one of 3 left unsold (there used to be like 15-20 or something like that) so i asked my mom if i could buy it, as in money out of my account, NOT THEIRS. She told me to ask my dad and he said he'd "think about it". Sigh. So now i'm crossing my fingers he says yes cause usually if i wanna buy something expensive, they either just say "no" or make me feel so guilty about spending money that i don't end up buying it anyway. But i'm not backing down on this one. Since my mom is so stingy about letting me spend money out of my account and shes in charge of the account, i almost never deposit anymore and it seems like i'd have to break into the bank just to get my own money rather than ask her... So cross your fingers that my dad lets me buy it. I'm going to ask him tomorrow if hes in a good mood :)

            Next topic! So i'm realizing (actually i realized this a long time ago) how strangely uniform my entries are. I usually think up a couple topics that have happened to me lately then go ahead and post them in a paragraph each and if i reread them (which i've sort of stopped doing, so sorry for my incredible amount of typos and missed words, i try to make it legible, at least i'm not handwriting this, then it'd be worse xD) then i wonder how anyone could find these entries interesting even if i did manage to snag some poor unsuspecting reader who began to read about my horribly boring life and even commented i doubt i'd hold on to them long enough to read more than half an entry. *cries softly* Moving on....

               So my friend pointed out yesterday (for anyone who reads; My Life Is Average) that all these people who post on MLIA or even just blog or livejournal, their lives seem sooo interesting. Or at least they can find something interesting that happened to them in the past while. Me? All i've got going for me is school -shivers- and my writing. I've also got my art, but i've been too lazy to post pictures. That and it's not good enough to post online. I'M SO ASHAMED OF MY LACK OF TALENT. Why do i keep arting? (yes its my word and i like it) Because i have nothing else going for me. I don't want to go into anything else because i don't want to end up in some crappy cubicle thats worse than school. Even if it did get me money, its not worth it.
                 Money is nothing if i can't do what i want. I couldn't really care less (yeah i could, but i'm making a point here). Yeah, so money buys me games and books and food. Yes i like those things. But if to get money, i have to kill myself everyday (which is the equivalent to any permanent cubicle or food job for me) its not worth it. I'd rather have my art. I'd rather paint and sculpt and draw, even if the pay sucks, which it will. 
                  So most of this journal has been pretty sad, boring, or uninteresting, i thought i'd add something more light or happy at the end of here, but ALAS i can't seem to think of anything so i might as well continue on with my last few bits of journal.
                    Last of all (unless i think of something else i want to write about after this) i totally just forgot whatever i was going to write...... Oh yea, i believe it was about games. I may have said this already but i recently got a really cute game called Touch Detective for my DS. I had played it before a long time ago and i spotted it at gamestop at the mall and was like "OMGOMGOMG I WANNA PLAY THE GAME!!! MHEAAHAHEHAHEEHEAHA!!!" Ok, so not really like that, more like "Ooohh! Must buy must buy must buy..." then i bought it before my friend could. Yes it was sort of a mean move, but i'm almost done with it so then she can play it :D Yay for sharing. At only 6 bucks, even though its a short game, i still love it ;D
                     So i guess that's it for tonight, this was a nice long entry for all you imaginary readers who like it when my entries are longer. Hope u enjoyed!
                        This is Madi, signing off!

Thoughts overflowing from my ear: During Day Writing

I know, i know, its not nighttime and i'm writing, but i just wanted to write a bit for now, so i've decided to name it "Thoughts overflowing from my ear". If you don't like it, suck it up. 

              Moving on, this is going to be really short cuz i just wanted to write something really quick, so here goes nothing:
So i broke down and actually went to see Harry Potter part 2. Sigh... I sort of feel like i broke some sort of promise to myself xD Anyway, it wasn't bad, at least i didn't cry, but my friend did and she had already seen it anyway. So hooray for yesterday because i actually got to go to the mall for the first time in forever and secured a new ds game that i had played years before and had wanted to play again. For 6 bucks, it was a pretty good deal.

            Anyway, thats about all i have to say. Ha, that was reaaaallly short. Shorter than i expected, but whatever.
            This is Newo (or Madi) signing off AGAIN.

Nightly Journaling: Gone crazy, may be gone awhile.

 Freaking out at 12:45!!! I'm feeling super randomly energetic!!!!!! Why? For a few reasons;
One: i'm hanging out with ksa_ishivlrista (my best friend, look her up, shes just as crazy, if not more, as me xD)
Two: i've been listening to this song:
Yes, its in Japanese, but its got subtitles! It's super awesome and so fun to listen to!! (900000x better than nyan cat any day)
Three: I'm just happy :D
THis doesn't happen often, so SAVOR IT!!
Haha, i wish i was this excited every day, tho it doesn't help that its past midnight of course.
I'm buying said song posted above for my ipod and phone ringtone xD
Well i guess thats it, i'm going to try to sleep so i can acutally wake up tomorrow to hang out with above said friend. Told u this would be short xD
Haha funny, i told myself i would go to bed before midnight, so much for that! Shh, don't tell on me xD
Sorry this is how i am when i've gone completely crazy WHOOO :D
Okay, time to try to stop!

This is Newo (or Madi) going insane and signing off!!!!!!!!!

Nightly Journaling: Bleh Blah Bluh

 Hilo again, and welcome back to nightly Journaling, the not so much a game show but more similar to a blog game show! I'm your host Newoangel, are you ready to play!? I sure hope not, cuz obviously this is not a game show (no matter how much i wish it was), but alas, it is a LiveJournal. Haha, here we go again. Since the moment i decided i would write tonight was the same moment i began to feel like crap, this journal may be cut short, but probably not.

           So once again, i continue into more relaying of my bleh blah bluh life. Its also referred to ho-hum, yuck, and BORING. I was reading some blogs and such online and i'm so jealous because these people's lives are so interesting, and with school coming up (i shiver at the thought, i really do...) and my summer homework still not really started (procrastinating is only fun in the beginning...) i'm starting to wish i was in college, where my classes don't start at 8 and last for around 6 freaking hours... When i think high school hell that way, i'm starting to think those stupid online middle school or high school whatever schools aren't so bad afterall, but then i'd rather wake up early and have a social life then not wake up early and be even more of a shut in then i already am. Of course when it comes to college, i've got one of the classes covered, since my choices of history this year were "Take an AP class or look like a total stupid idiot taking the world history class that is non honors and non AP"... but i'm not going to talk about school anymore, it makes me sad. My homework is making me feel guilty, so instead of spending my time doing the homework, i spend it thinking of ways to rationalize my laziness and try to figure out if it would be a big dent in my grade if i did a bad job on it or turned it in late...

            MOVING ON!!!! Whew, that was gut wrenching.... -shivers- NO MORE SCHOOL TALK.

            Now that that's out of the way, i finally got a really cheap version of sims that works on my awful laptop and also figured out what the giant black splotches covering half the screen are. Turns out its some sort of liquid that creates the backlight in the laptop and when my bros friend stepped on it, it broke something inside, causing the liquidy stuff to seep through or something like that. At least it explains why the shape of the gunk keeps changing. Now its gone from an oval with a black oval that shows through in the middle, to a big black circle that is sort of split in the middle by the literal crack in the screen. So thats my goopy laptop problem, as for my sims, have u heard of sims life stories? Well it costs 10 bucks at office max and its the cheapest and simplest way to get sims besides sims 1 (which ive never played, regrettably) Its baisically sims 2, but taking away some of the stuff and adding in a couple of tiny extras from a few expansion packs since there arent any for life stories. At only 10 bucks it's definitely worth every penny since it works on my laptop.

              Of course, i owe a lot to my copy of sims life stories. It actually introduced me to sims. BEWARE, LARGE LONG LASTING MY HISTORY OF DISCOVERING SIMS RANT AHEAD. TO AVOID, PLEASE SKIP TO NEXT PARAGRAPH. So how it happened was i was at goodwill (yes i shop there, if u get lucky, u can find a cool video game for a cheap price, hence this story) and i discovered sims life stories for 4 bucks. If thats not a good deal, i dont know what is, since obviously, 4 bucks for almost any pc game is usually good unless its crappy or old or terrible or useless and whatnot. 

            YOu know what, just screw it... Theres a fly in this room and i just spent the last 45 minutes trying to kill it and its still somewhere here, so i'm tired and i'm sorry to all you who cared, but now i feel tired, crappy, and depressed, and annoyed at this stupid fly that wont DIE. I'm going to bed.

               I'm signing off, too tired to say it the usual way...